Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

Its been a while since I have painted for myself, I forgot how relaxing it is to have no expectations. Thank my friend Andrew for per-pressuring me into it!

inspired by M83
and this poem:
And in the element of light
The sun reflected from the waves
Inshore it spangles
The child of air is borne upon the wind that blows across the sea
And in the element of summer
The cliffs suspended in the heat
The air in columns...

I wish I knew who wrote this.

While I am at it here is a randome collection of things that never made it... one day they will never be finished!

First attempt at digital plain air painting, all in the field.
Red Engine gallery show submission.
Photo and painting demo from my class at Red Engine

Thanks for looking, hopefully I will update again soon.